Life Coaches, Motivational Speakers, Writers and small business owners get the support you need now!

Welcome and thank you for visiting! My name is Shara, the owner and CEO of Virtual Office Pro LLC, a virtual assistant company which provides administrative support and writing services to life coaches, motivational speakers, writers and small business owners.

I can help you with administrative and or writing tasks that may be wearing you down. All services are done remotely, so it doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world, I will be able to provide quality support to your business.

Why work with Virtual Office Pro?

It’s simple, you will save both time and money!

  • Save time– I can take the administrative tasks and writing projects off your plate, which will give you time to focus on serving your customers.
  • Save money- Did you know that in most cases it’s cheaper to hire a virtual assistant than it is to hire an employee? Virtual assistants are not employees, therefore you won’t pay for health care, taxes, vacation/sick time, office supplies or equipment. As a business owner, it’s the responsibility of the VA to handle those matters themselves, saving you money… a ton of money!

Support Services Offered at Virtual Office Pro

  • Data Entry
  • Document Creation
  • Social Media assistance
  • Calendar maintenance
  • Meeting scheduling/planning
  • Email Marketing

Writing services

  • Proofreading and editing of websites, webpages, blogs, and e-books
  • Article and Blog writing
  • Writing newsletter copy

I have been ghostwriting and providing web copy for content marketing agencies for over 2 years, and have the know how to create copy that gets attention and makes readers want to read more! Shara F

Looking for something that’s not listed? No problem! I can help you find a VA to suit your needs.







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